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Phone : (33) 02 31-45-25-60
Research team : OML

Institution : Université de Caen
Location : Cimap Ensicaen

Short CV

  • 1999 : PhD in Physics at the University of CAEN, France (CIRIL Lab- ENSICAEN)
  • 1999-2000 : Post-doc position at Montana State University (Bozeman, Montana, USA)
  • 2000- 2001 : Researcher at NASA (Hampton, Virginia, USA)
  • 2008 : Invited researcher at Boston College (Boston, USA) (US Air Force research contract).
  • 2009 : HDR (Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches : Post-doctoral degree allowing to supervise PhD students), University of Caen, France.

Research Interests and keywords :

Rare-earth and transition metal doped materials (semiconductors and insulators) for gas sensing, laser, lighting and photovoltaic applications.

  • ground-state and excited state spectroscopy of ions in solids
  • time–resolved spectroscopy
  • pump-probe experiments
  • energy transfer processes among ions and between hosts and ions
  • laser materials
  • electroluminescence
  • gas sensing
  • crystal field theory.

Research Programs :

Project leader :

  • DEMETO (Innovation Grant, 2018-2020)
  • OPTIGAS ANR (2016-2019)
  • TOUTOPTIK (BpiFrance, innovation grant, 2015-2017)
  • COPTEX (MI-CNRS, 2013-2014)
  • NACOSOL (CEA-DSM, 2013-2015)
  • CNRS Belarus-France (2007-2010)
  • US Air Force Contract (2007-2008)

Leader for the CIMAP Lab in the ADEME COPTIK project (2014-2017)
Task leader in European Project (RENIBEL 2004-2007)

Recent Publications :

  • "8 μm luminescence from a Tb3+ GaGeSbSe fiber," F. Starecki, N Abdellaoui, A Braud, J-L Doualan,, C. Boussard-Plédel, B. Bureau, P. Camy, and V. Nazabal, Optics Letters 43, 1211-1214 (2018).
  • “Passively mode-locked diode-pumped Tm3+:YLF laser emitting at 1.91 µm using a GaAs-based SESAM”, A.Tyazhev, R Soulard, T Godin, J-L Doualan, A Braud, R Moncorgé, M Laroche, P Camy , Laser Physics Letters, Vol.15, 4 (2018).
  • “2.3 μm Tm3+:YLF mode-locked laser”, R. Soulard, A. Tyazhev, J-L Doualan, A. Braud, A. Hideur, M. Laroche, B. Xu, and Patrice Camy, Optics Letters 42(18), 3534-3536 (2017).
  • “1.87 µm laser operation by 980 nm pumping in Yb,Tm :CaF2”, R. Soulard, J.L. Doualan, A. Braud, M. Sahli, A. Benayad, G. Brasse, A. Hideur, A. Tyazhev, R. Moncorge, P. Camy, Optical Materials, 72 (2017) 578.
  • “Mid-infrared guided photoluminescence from integrated Pr3+-doped selenide ridge waveguides” L. Bodiou, F. Starecki, V. Nazabal, J. Lemaitre, J-L Doualan, E. Baudet, Y Dumeige, I. Hardy, A. Braud, P Camy, and J. Charrier, Optical Materials Vol. 75, (2018), p109-115 .
  • “Site selective analysis of Nd3+–Lu3+ codoped CaF2 laser crystals” S. Normani, A. Braud, R. Soulard, J. L. Doualan, A. Benayad, V. Menard, G. Brasse, R. Moncorgé, J. P. Goossensb and P. Camy, Crystal Engineering Communications, (2016)
  • “Dy3+ doped GeGaSbS fluorescent fiber at 4.4 μm for optical gas sensing : Comparison of simulation and experiment” A.L. Pelé, A. Braud, J.L. Doualana, F. Starecki, V. Nazabal, R. Chahal, C. Boussard-Plédel, B. Bureau, R. Moncorgé, P. Camy, Optical Materials, Vol.61, (2016), p.37
  • « Detailed luminescence properties and laser potential of Pr:FAP » Qu, B. ; Doualan, J. L. ; Xu, B. ; Braud, A. ; Cai, Z. P. ; Camy, P. ; Moncorgé, R., Journal of Luminescence, Vol. 179, (2016) pp. 402-407.
  • “Wavelength conversion in Er3+ doped GeGaSbS fibers for gas optical sensor”
    AL. Pelé, A. Braud, JL. Doualan, R.Chahal, V. Nazabal, B.Bureau, R. Moncorgé, and P. Camy, Optics Express, Vol. 23, Issue 4, pp. 4163-4172 (2015).
  • « Guided photoluminescence from integrated carbon nanotubes-based optical waveguides”,
    L. Bodiou, Q.Y. Gu, M. Guézo, E. Delcourt, T. Batté, J. Lemaitre, N. Lorrain, M. Guendouz, H. Folliot, J. Charrier, K.S. Mistry, J.L. Blackburn, J.-L. Doualan, A. Braud and P. Camy,
    Advanced Materials, (2015) DOI : 10.1002/adma.201502536
  • “Thermo-optical properties of Nd3+ doped phosphate glass determined by thermal lens and lifetime measurements”,
    V.M. Martins, D.N. Messias, A. Braud, P. Camy, N.O. Dantas, T. Catunda, V. Pilla, A.A. Andrade, R. Moncorgé, J. of Lum., 162, (2015) 104-107.
  • “Broadband tunable CW laser operation of Pr3+ : LiYF4 around 900 nm”,
    B. Qu, R.Moncorgé, Z. Cai, J-L Doualan, B Xu, H Xu, A.Braud and P. Camy Optics letters, 40 ( 2015) 3053-3056.
  • « Temperature effects on the main absorption and emission lines of the Pr3+:LiYF4 laser crystal”
    Z. Liu, B. Qu, J. L. Doualan, B. Xu, H. Xu, Z. Cai, A. Braud, P. Camy, and R. Moncorgé, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, Volume : 32, (2015) 263-269.
  • “Mid-IR sensor for CO2 detection based on fluorescence absorbance of Dy3+:Ga5Ge20Sb10S65 fibers”
    F. STARECKI, F. CHARPENTIER, J-L DOUALAN, L. QUETEL, K. MICHEL, R. CHAHAL, J.ROLES, B.BUREAU, P.CAMY, A. BRAUD, V.MOIZAN, V. NAZABAL, Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical, 207, (2015), 518–525
  • “Rare earth doped LiYF4 single crystalline films grown by Liquid Phase Epitaxy for the elaboration of planar waveguide lasers”,
    F. Starecki, W. Bolaños, G. Brasse, A. Benayad, M. Morales, J.L. Doualan, A. Braud, R. Moncorgé, P. Camy. J. Cryst. Growth 401, (2014) 537-541.
  • “Direct imaging of rare earth ion clusters in Yb:CaF2”,
    B. Lacroix, C. Genevois, J. L. Doualan, G. Brasse, A. Braud, P. Ruterana, P. Camy, E.Talbot, R. Moncorgé, J. Margerie, Phys. Rev. B 90, 125124 (2014)
  • “Green, orange and red Pr³+:YLiF₄ epitaxial waveguide lasers”
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  • “Spatial energy migration studied on Pr-doped samples”,
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  • “Thermal Conductivity Measurements of the Main Nd3+ and Yb3+ Doped Laser Materials by the Thermal Lens Technique”
    V.M. Martins, G. Brasse, J.L. Doualan, A. Braud, P. Camy, D. N. Messias, R. Moncorgé Optical Materials, Vol 37, ( 2014) 211-213
  • “Two-step quantum cutting efficiency in Pr3+-Yb3+ codoped KY3F10”
    D. Serrano, A. Braud, J.L. Doualan, W.Bolanos, R. Moncorgé and P. Camy ; Phys. Rev. B , 88 , (2013) 205144
  • “2.8 W end-pumped Yb3+:LiYF4 waveguide laser”,
    W. Bolaños, F. Starecki, A. Braud, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé, and P. Camy, Optics Letters, Vol.38, (2013) 5377-5380
  • “Efficient 1535 nm light emission from an all-Si-based optical micro-cavity containing Er3+ and Yb3+ ions”,
    I. B. Gallo, A. Braud, A. R. Zanatta, Optics Express Vol. 21, Iss. 23, (2013) pp. 28394–28402.
  • “Improvement of infrared laser properties of Nd:CaF2 crystals via co-doping with Y3+ and Lu3+ buffer ions”
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  • “Red and Orange laser operation of Pr : KYF4 pumped by a Nd:YAG/LBO laser at 469.1nm and a GaN laser diode at 444nm”.
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  • “Highly efficient InGaN-LD-pumped bulk Pr:YLF orange laser at 607nm”
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  • “Spectroscopic properties and CW laser operation of Nd,Y-codoped CaF2 single crystals”
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  • Red and orange Pr3+:LiYF4 planar waveguide laser
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  • Pure and Yb3+ doped fluorites (Ca, Sr, Ba)F2 : a renewal for the future high intensity laser chains
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  • Diode-pumped continuous-wave blue lasers at 467, 467.7 and 468.5 nm in Nd:GGG
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