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Phone : (33) 02 31-45-25-26-74
Team research / Service : NIMPH

Tutelle d’appartenance : CNRS
Location : Cimap Ensicaen, Office

F. Gourbilleau holds a doctorate in physics of materials at the University of Caen in 1993.

He joined the CNRS in 1994 and since then he works on nanomaterials at the Research Centre on Ions, Materials and Photonics (CIMAP, UMR 6252).

He is the leader of the team Nimph (Integrated Nanostructures for Microelectronics and Photonics) consists of twenty people, and since 2014 he is Deputy Director of CIMAP.

It is heavily involved in research management as Deputy Director of Research From NACRE Group (nanocrystallites in dielectric). His research focuses on the production and study of thin films based on nanostructured If for photonics, photovoltaics and microelectronics applications.

It was and is involved in several European projects as a collaborator or coordinator (SINERGIA, LANCER, ENERMAT, MEET) and national projects (ANR-DUOSIL, ANR PNANO NOMAD and daphne, ANR and GENESIS SHAMAN).

He became involved in the transfer of technology by its investment from its inception in the Lower Normandy incubator "Normandie Incubation" as treasurer. He is the author or co-author of over 180 publications (25 M) and has two patents.

Publications :

  • Theoretical investigation of the more suitable rare earth to achieve high gain in waveguide based on silica containing silicon nanograins doped with either Nd3+ or Er3+ ions.
    A. Fafin, J.Cardin, C. Dufour, F. Gourbilleau.
    Optic Express, 22, 2014, 12296.
  • Highly Efficient Infrared Quantum Cutting in Tb3+- Yb3+ Codoped Silicon Oxynitride for Solar Cell Applications.
    Y-T An, C. Labbé, J. Cardin, M. Morales, F. Gourbilleau.
    Adv. Optical Mater. 2013, Volume 1, Issue 11, 855.
  • Influence of the supersaturation on Si diffusion and growth of Si nanoparticles in silicon-rich silica.
    M. Roussel, E. Talbot, P. Pareige, F. Gourbilleau.
    J. Appl. Phys., 113, 2013, 063519.
  • Structural and optical characterization of pure Si-rich nitride thin films
    O. Debieu, R. Pratibha Nalini, J. Cardin, X. Portier, J. Perrière, F. Gourbilleau
    Nanoscale Research Letters, 8, 2013, 31.
  • Thermal Stability of high-k Si-rich HfO2 layers grown by RF magnetron sputtering.
    L. Khomenkova, X. Portier, J. Cardin, F. Gourbilleau
    Nanotechnology, 2010, 21, 285707.