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by CHAUVAT Marie-pierre - published on , updated on

OSIRIS-EcselJu : Optimal SIC substRates for Integrated Microwave and Power CircuitS

Contrat européen H2020 JTI-ECSEL (Joint Technology Initiatives - Electronic Components & Systems for European Leadership, Joint Undertaking)

Lead by III-V Lab (F), leading European lab in the field of GaN technology, the Consortium includes

  1. Ascatron (Sw) involved in SiC technology for power electronics;
  2. CNRS-CIMAP (F) lab involved in material analysis;
  3. Intraspec Technologies (F), a company involved in wafer and device characterisation;
  4. Isosilicon (Norway) which will extract the selected carbon and silicon isotopes for the SiC growth;
  5. University of Linkoping (Sw) which has relying on recent demonstration and a long expertise on the developing a challenging isotopic SiC material approach of the University of Linkoping (Sw);
  6. NORSTEL (Sw) a leading SiC substrate supplier;
  7. STUBA FEI : Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies - Research fields of interest : Micro-/Nano-Electronics,
    Photonics, New Materials, Nanotechnology
  8. UMS (F-G) the largest III-V component manufacturer in Europe for microwave applications;