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Publications MIL

The group contributed to the publication of a Master level book of Atomic Physics :
Link : Physique Atomique et Moléculaire - Ions dans les Solides - Systèmes lasers : Tomes 1 et 2


  1. Propriétés optiques des terres rares
    F. Auzel et R. Moncorgé, Techniques de l’Ingénieur E 1980 (version actualisée) (juil 2017)
  2. Passively Q-Switched Tm:CaYAlO4 Laser Using a MoS2 Saturable Absorber
    J. Lan, X. Zhang, Z. Zhou, B. Xu, H. Xu, Z. Cai, N. Chen, J. Wang, X. Xu, R. Soulard, and R. Moncorgé, IEEE Phot. Tech. Lett. 29 (6), pp 515-518 (2017)
  3. Laser materials based on transition metal ions
    R. Moncorgé, Optical Materials 63, pp 107-117 (2017)
  4. Rare-earth doped chalcogenide glasses for mid-IR gas sensor applications
    J. Ari, F. Starecki, C. Boussard-Pledel, J-L. Doualan, L. Quetel, K. Michel, A. Braud, P. Camy, R. Chahal, B. Bureau, Y. Ledemi, V. Nazabal ; SPIE Proceed. Vol. 10100, UNSP101000Q (2017)


  1. Lasers à solides pour le domaine UV-visible R. Moncorgé, Techniques de l’Ingénieur E 6485 (2016)
  2. Site selective analysis of Nd3+–Lu3+ codoped CaF2 laser crystals S. Normani, A. Braud, R. Soulard, J. L. Doualan, A. Benayad, V. Menard, G. Brasse, R. Moncorgé, J. P. Goossens and P. Camy, Cryst Eng. Com. (2016) 18, (2016) 9016 – 9025
  3. The effects of Nd2O3 concentration in the laser emission of TeO2-ZnO Glasses L.M. Moreira, V. Anjos, M.J.V. Bell, C.A.R. Ramos, L.R.P. Kassab, D.J.L. Doualan, P. Camy c, R. Moncorgé, Optical Materials 58 (2016) 84-88
  4. Nd:LYAG and Nd:LGAG Mixed Crystals : Potential Candidates for 1.83 μm Laser Source
    J. Lan, Z. Lin, Yi Wang, Q. Cui, B. Xu, H. Xu, Z. Cai, X. Xu, J. Zhang, J. Xu, R. Moncorgé, IEEE Phot. Journal 8 (6) 1504307 (2016)
  5. Dy3+ doped GeGaSbS fluorescent fiber at 4.4 mm for optical gas sensing : Comparison of simulation and experiment, A.L. Pele, A. Braud, J.L. Doualan, F. Starecki, V. Nazabal, R. Chahal, C. Boussard-Pledel, B. Bureau, R. Moncorgé, P. Camy, Optical Materials 61, pp 37-44 (2016)
  6. Detailed luminescence properties and laser potential of Pr:FAP B. Qu, J.L.Doualan, B.Xu, A.Braud, Z.P.Cai, P.Camy, R.Moncorgé, J. Lumin. 179, pp 402-407 (2016)
  7. Single- and dual-wavelength laser operation of a diode-pumped Nd:LaF3 single crystal around 1.05 µm and 1.32 µm B. Xu, X. Huang, J. Lan, Z. Lin, Yi Wang, H. Xu, Z. Cai, R. Moncorgé, Optical Materials 57, pp 158-162 (2016)
  8. Watt-level narrow-linewidth Nd:YAG laser operating on 4F3/2→4I15/2 transition at 1834 nm B. Xu, Yi Wang, X. Huang, J. Lan, Z. Lin, Z. Luo, H. Xu, Z. Cai and R. Moncorgé, Opt. Expr. 24 (4) pp 3601-3602 (2016)
  9. Single- and multi-wavelength Nd:YAlO3 lasers at 1328, 1339 and 1364nm B. Xu, Yi Wang, Z. Lin, J. Peng, Y. Cheng, Z. Luo, H. Xu, Z. Cai, J. Weng, R. Moncorgé, Opt. & Laser Tech. 81, pp 1-6 (2016)
  10. Fiber evanescent wave spectroscopy based on IR fluorescent chalcogenide fibers Chahal, R. ; Starecki, F. ; Boussard-Pledel, C. ; Doualan, JL. ; Michel, K. ; Brilland, L. ; Braud, A. ; Camy, P. ; Bureau, B. ; Nazabal, V. ; SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL 229, 209-216 ( 2016)
  11. Luminescence at 2.8 µm : Er3+-doped chalcogenide micro-waveguide” ; Nazabal, V. ; Starecki, F. ; Doualan, J. -L. ; Nemec, P. ; Camy, P. ; Lhermite, H. ; Bodiou, L. ; Anne, M. L. ; Charrier, J. ; Adam, J. L. ; OPTICAL MATERIALS 58, 390-397 (2016)


  1. Energy conversion in Er3+ doped GeGaSbS glasses for gas optical sensor
    A.L. Pelé, A.Braud, J.L. Doualan, R. Chahal, V. Nazabal, B. Bureau, R. Moncorgé, and P. Camy
    Opt.Expr. 23 (4) pp. 4163-4172 (2015)
  2. Laser Materials for High Intensity Lasers
    R. Moncorgé and J.L. Doualan
    IEEE J. Sel. Top.Quant. Elect. Special Issue on Solid State Lasers 21 (1), p 2357995 (2015)
  3. Guided Photoluminescence from Integrated Carbon Nanotubes-Based Optical Waveguides
    L. Bodiou, Q. Gu, M. Guézo, E. Delcourt, T. Batté, J. Lemaitre, N. Lorrain, M. Guendouz, H. Folliot, J. Charrier, K.S. Mistry, J.L. Blackburn, J.L. Doualan, A. Braud, P. Camy
    ADVANCED MATERIALS, 27, Issue : 40, Pages : 6181-6186,DOI : 10.1002/adma.201502536
  4. Broadband-tunable CW laser operation of Pr3+:LiYF4 around 900 nm
    B. Qu, R. Moncorgé, Z. Cai, J.-L. Doualan, B. Xu, H. Xu, A. Braud and P. Camy
    Optics Letters 40 (2015) 3053-6
    doi : 10.1364/ol.40.003053
  5. Development of optical fibers for mid-infrared sensing : State of the art and recent achievements,
    B. Bureau, C. Boussard-Pledel, , J. Troles, V. Nazabal, J. L. Adam, J.L. Doualan, A. Braud, P. Camy, P. Lucas, L. Brilland, L. Quetel, H. Tariel,
    SPIE Proceed. Vol. 9707, 970702, (2015) DOI : 10.1117/12.2181952
  6. Thermo-optical properties of Nd3+ doped phosphate glass determined by thermal lens and lifetime measurements
    V.M. Martins, D.N. Messias, A. Braud, P. Camy, N.O. Dantas, T.Catunda, V. Pilla, A.A. Andrade, R. Moncorgé
    J. Lumin. 162, pp 104-107 (2015)
  7. InGaN-LD-Pumped Continuous-Wave Deep Red Laser at 670 nm in Pr3+:LiYF4 Crystal
    B.Qu, B. Xu, S. Luo, Y. Cheng, H. Xu, Zh. Cai, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, and R. Moncorgé
    IEEE Photon. Tech. Lett. 27(4) pp 333-335 (2015)
  8. Temperature effects on the main absorption and emission lines of the Pr3+:LiYF4 laser crystal
    Z. Liu, B. Qu, J.L. Doualan, B. Xu, H. Xu, Z. Cai, A. Braud, P. Camy, and R.Moncorgé
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 32 (2) pp 263-269 (2015)
  9. Mid-infrared optical sensor for CO2 detection based on fluorescence absorbance of
    Dy3+:Ga5Ge20Sb10S65 fibers

    F. Starecki, F. Charpentier, J.L. Doualan, L. Quetel, K. Michel, R. Chahal, J. Troles, B. Bureau, A. Braud, P. Camy, V. Moizan, V. Nazabal
    Sensors and Actuators B : Chemical 207, pp 518-525 (2015)
  10. High repetition rate Yb:CaF2 multipass amplifiers operating in the 100 mJ range
    D. N.Papadopoulos, F. Friebel, A. Pellegrina, M. Hanna, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé, P. Georges and F. Druon
    J. Sel. Top. Quant. Elect. Special Issue on Solid State Lasers 21 (1) p2344039 (2015)
  11. InGaN-LD pumped Pr3+:LiYF4 continuous wave deep red lasers at 697.6 and 695.8 nm
    B.Xu, Y. Cheng, B. Qu, S. Luo, H. Xu, Z. Cai, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé,
    Opt. &Laser Tech. 67 , pp 146-149 (2015)
  12. Ga-modified As2Se3-Te glasses for active applications in IR photonics
    Y. Shpotyuk, C. Boussard-Pledel, V. Nazabal, R. Chahal, J. Ari, B. Pavlyk, J. Cebulski, J.L. Doualan and B. Bureau
    Opt. Mater. 46 (2015) 228-32
    doi : 10.1016/j.optmat.2015.04.024
  13. Single- and multi-wavelength laser operation of a diode-pumped Nd : GGG single crystal around 1.33 mu m
    B. Xu, Y. Wang, Y. Cheng, H. Xu, Z. Cai and R. Moncorgé
    Optics Communications 345 (2015) 111-5
    doi : 10.1016/j.optcom.2015.01.058
  14. UV-visible luminescence properties of the broad-band Yb:CALGO laser crystal
    A. Jaffres,S.K. Sharma, P. Loiseau, B. Viana, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé
    SPIE Proceed Photonics West (Proc. SPIE 9359, Optical Components and Materials XII, 93590V (March 16, 2015) ; doi:10.1117/12.2075587)
  15. Diode-Pumped CW Laser Operation of a c-cut Nd:YAlO3 Crystal on Low-Gain Emission Lines Around 1.1µm
    B. Xu, Y. Wang, Y. Cheng, Z. Lin, H. Xu, Z. Cai, R. Moncorgé, IEEE Photon. Journal 7(5) (2015) ; DOI:10.1109/JPHOT.2015.2475611
  16. Matériaux luminescents - Propriétés spectroscopiques et techniques de caractérisation
    (Tech. Ingénieurs, 2015, TI-E6327)


  1. Laser emission of a Nd-doped mixed tellurite and zinc oxide glass
    M.J.V. Bell, V. Anjos, L.M. Moreira, R.F. Falci, L.R.P. Kassab, D.S. da Silva, J.L. Doualan, P. Camy & R. Moncorgé
    J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 31 (2014) 1590-1594
  2. Green, orange, and red Pr3+:YLiF4 epitaxial waveguide lasers
    W. Bolanos, G. Brasse, F. Starecki, A. Braud, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé & P. Camy
    Optics Letters 39 (2014) 4450-4453
  3. Chalcogenide optical fibers for mid-infrared sensing
    B. Bureau, C. Boussard, S. Cui, R. Chahal, M.L. Anne, V. Nazabal, O. Sire, O. Loreal, P. Lucas, V. Monbet, J.L. Doualan, P. Camy, H. Tariel, F. Charpentier, L. Quetel, J.L. Adam & J. Lucas
    Opt. Eng. 53 (2014) 7
  4. Emission properties and CW laser operation of Pr:YLF in the 910 nm spectral range
    Z.P. Cai, B. Qu, Y.J. Cheng, S.Y. Luo, B. Xu, H.Y. Xu, Z.Q. Luo, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan & R. Moncorgé
    Optics Express 22 (2014) 31722-31728
  5. Diode-pumped Yb:CaF multipass amplifier producing 50 mJ with dynamic analysis for high repetition rate operation
    F. Friebel, A. Pellegrina, D.N. Papadopoulos, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé, P. Georges & F. Druon
    Appl. Phys. B-Lasers & Optics 117 (2014) 597-603
  6. Direct imaging of rare-earth ion clusters in Yb:CaF2
    B. Lacroix, C. Genevois, J.L. Doualan, G. Brasse, A. Braud, P. Ruterana, P. Camy, E. Talbot, R. Moncorgé & J. Margerie
    Phys. Rev. B 90 (2014) 14
  7. Continuous-Wave Laser Emission of Pr:LiYF4 at 695.8 nm
    Z. Liu, Z.P. Cai, B. Xu, S.L. Huang, C.H. Zeng, Y. Yan, F.J. Wang, H.Y. Xu, J.L. Doualan, P. Camy & R. Moncorgé
    IEEE Phot. Techno. Lett. 26 (2014) 675-677
  8. Spatial and temporal observation of energy transfer processes in Pr-doped phosphate glasses
    V.M. Martins, G.A. Azevedo, A.A. Andrade, D.N. Messias, A.F.G. do Monte, N.O. Dantas, V. Pilla, T. Catunda, A. Braud & R. Moncorgé
    Opt. Mater. 37 (2014) 387-390
  9. Thermal conductivity of Nd3+ and Yb3+ doped laser materials measured by using the thermal lens technique
    V.M. Martins, G. Brasse, J.L. Doualan, A. Braud, P. Camy, D.N. Messias, T. Catunda & R. Moncorgé
    Opt. Mater. 37 (2014) 211-213
  10. Influence of fabrication steps on optical and electrical properties of InN thin films
    G.R. Mutta, T. Brazzini, L. Mechin, B. Guillet, J.M. Routoure, J.L. Doualan, J. Grandal, M.D.S. Siller, F. Calle & P. Ruterana
    Semicond. Sci. Technol. 29 (2014) 8
  11. Effect of Ag nanoparticles on the radiative properties of tellurite glasses doped with Er3+, Yb3+ and Tm3+ ions
    G.H. Silva, D.P.A. Holgado, V. Anjos, M.J.V. Bell, L.R.P. Kassab, C.T. Amancio & R. Moncorgé
    Opt. Mater. 37 (2014) 281-286
  12. Passively Q-switched Nd:YAlO3 nanosecond laser using MoS2 as saturable absorber
    B. Xu, Y.J. Cheng, Y. Wang, Y.Z. Huang, J. Peng, Z.Q. Luo, H.Y. Xu, Z.P. Cai, J. Weng & R. Moncorgé
    Optics Express 22 (2014) 28934-28940
  13. Efficient laser-diode end-pumped Nd:GGG lasers at 1054 and 1067 nm
    B. Xu, H.Y. Xu, Z.P. Cai, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan & R. Moncorgé
    Appl. Opt. 53 (2014) 6812-6815
  14. InGaN-LD-pumped Pr3+ : LiYF4 continuous-wave laser at 915 nm
    B. Qu, B. Xu, Y. Cheng, S. Luo, H. Xu, Y. Bu, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé, and Z. Cai,
    Phot. Journal 6 (6) 1502906 (2014)
  15. Dynamic thermal issues in high energy amplifiers based on Yb:CaF2 crystals
    F. Friebel, A. Pellegrina, D. N. Papadopoulos, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, R. Moncorgé, P. Georges, F. Druon,
    Appl. Phys. B DOI 10.1007/s00340-014-5872-4
  16. Rare earth doped LiYF4 single crystalline films grown by Liquid Phase Epitaxy for the
    elaboration of planar waveguide lasers

    F.Starecki, W. Bolaños, G. Brasse, A. Benayad, M. Morales, J.L. Doualan, A. Braud, R. Moncorgé, P. Camy. J. Cryst. Growth
    401, pp 537-541(2014)