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Séminaires 2021

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07/10/2021 : SALL Mamour (MADIR)
"Matériaux inorganiques sous irradiation : de l’étude fondamentale des effets des excitations électroniques intenses aux applications pour le nucléaire et le stockage magnétique"
On TEAMS : 14h ; "Salle Conviviale"

Affiche Mamour SALL

23/09/2021 : GERVAIS Benoit (SIMUL)
"Kinetic Mont Carlo simulation of radiolysis and radio-oxidation"
On TEAMS : 14h ; "Salle Conviviale"

Affiche Benoit GERVAIS

09/09/2021 : Post-Doctorant AUBRIT Florian (MADIR)
"Compositurae particulis metallicis in lucem (Metallic particles composites in the spotlight"
On TEAMS : 14h ; "Salle Conviviale"

"In this presentation, I will present the core principle of my previous and current research in functional nanocomposites. This research is based on two main concepts : i/ the association of organic and inorganic compounds in order to reach specific material functionalities, and ii/ the interaction between matter and radiations, which will be affected by the composition and architecture of the nanocomposite, as well as the nature of the radiation, depending on the application that is aimed for.

The talk will articulate itself around three main topics to underline this research : i/ the fabrication of optical nanocomposite films as precursors towards optical metamaterials, which was the topic of my PhD, ii/ the fabrication of multifunctional hybrid materials to emphasize the advantages due to mixing organic and inorganic compounds in composites, and iii/ some applications of nanomaterials in theranostics, which is a strong field in the current nanotechnology research, relying mainly on the interaction between specific radiations (IR, X-rays) with nanostructures.
This seminar should present nanosystems and characterization techniques with relevance to the fields studied at CIMAP, with the hope to contribute to develop the interdisciplinarity in the group."