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Publications PM2E 2015

1. Structural analysis of strained LaVO3 thin films , H Rotella, O Copie, G Steciuk, H Ouerdane, P Boullay, P Roussel, M Morales, A David, A Pautrat, B Mercey, L Lutterotti, D Chateigner and W (...)

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Publications PM2E 2014

1. Sub-gigahertz laser resonant ultrasound spectroscopy for the evaluation of elastic properties of micrometric fibers , D. Mounier, Ch. Poilâne, H. Khelfa, P. Picart, Ultrasonics 54, 259-267 (...)

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Publications PM2E 2013

1 . The source of the threading dislocation in GaSb/GaAs hetero-structures and their propagation mechanism, Y. Wang, P. Ruterana,S. Kret, S. El Kazzi, L. Desplanque, and X. Wallart, Appl. Phys. (...)

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Publications PM2E 2016

1. Influence of two carbon plies on adhesion of unidirectional flax-fibers reinforced epoxy composites. M Karray, A Triki, C Poilâne, P Picart, M Gargoury. Polym Composite 37 (2016), 241-253. (...)

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Publications PM2E 2017

1. Implantation damage formation in a-, c- and m-plane GaN K. Lorenz , E. Wendler, A. Redondo-Cubero, N. Catarino, M-P. Chauvat, S. Schwaiger, F. Scholz, E. Alves and P. Ruterana, Acta (...)

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Publications PM2E 2018

1. Internal quantum efficiency in polar and semipolar (11-22) InxGa1-xN/InyGa1-yN quantum wells emitting from blue to red, Thi Huong Ngo, Nicolas Chery, Pierre Valvin, Aimeric Courville, Philippe (...)

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