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Group leader : Florent Durantel

The CIRIL staff consists of the scientific coordinators (the ones of ARIBE, IRRSUD and D1), the technical coordinators (the ones of ARIBE, IRRSUD and D1), the members of technical staff (design office, mechanical workshop, electronics) and the physicians of AMA, MADIR and LARIA groups working as local contacts or beamline scientists for external users.

Four beamlines are available for the interdisciplinary researches :

  • ARIBE "Aire de Recherche sur les Ions de Base Energie"
  • IRRSUD "IRRadiation Sud"
  • SME or ME "Medium Energy"
  • HE "High Energy"

Both ME and HE beamlines are located in the same experimental room called D1.

Many in-situ setups are used during experiments, for details see : Equipments.

The 4 beamlines for the interdisciplinary researches corresponding to 4 exits at different locations on the ion accelator. ARIBE is located outside the GANIL INB, whereas IRRSUD, SME and HE are inside the INB on the GANIL facility.

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