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Material excited and defects

The research objectives focused on understanding of active processes in the material in electronic excitations and structural defects.

The forces of this theme are its knowledge of electronic excitation process coupling uniquely fundamental physics skills collisions and those on structural defects in materials.
Research therefore concern energy transfers between charged ions and small collections of atoms, the relaxation pathways that excited material, creation of defects mechanisms, the structural changes induced by irradiation and the description of growth defects or irradiation.
This theme is upstream research on aging nuclear materials.

Moreover, this theme is closely related to the hospitality event with the GANIL.
Indeed, many of his results are obtained when experience achieved through the beams of GANIL and moreover, its researchers participate as a local contact for this activity accueil, but also by developing equipment that are then available to outside researchers (diffractometer X-ray line, aggregate sources are two examples).

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