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An all-optical gas sensor...All terrain !

An all-optical CO2 sensor based on measuring the absorption of infrared light by the CO2 molecules, was developed and patented by a team of Iramis. The conversion frequency of the absorption (...)

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Compact and amorphous ice spray

In space, the ice at the heart comets or one that coats the interstellar dust grains is predominantly observed in amorphous and compact form. Researchers from the Iramis show that irradiation by (...)

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Alicja Domaracka -Rousseau winner of the bronze medal in 2015 CNRS

Experimental study on the irradiation of interstellar ice models, molecules and biomolecular clusters, by multiply charged ions or electrons.
Alicja Domaracka-Rousseau of Atoms team Molecules (...)

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