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Activités de recherche

The AMA research activities are focused on the stability and the fragmentation dynamics of molecules and clusters bombarded by keV ions. These studies are achieved at large-scale facilities (essentially ARIBE at GANIL) using home-made high quality instrumentation. The major topics of the AMA team are :
- Fundamental processes in ion collisions,
- Ion interaction with complex molecules and clusters,
- Recent Instrumental developments.
- Modelisation

Fundamental processes in ion collisions

From the time of its creation, the AMA team investigates fundamental processes in ion collisions. In 2006, evidence for Young-type electron interference effects was given by the AMA team. During (...)

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Ion interaction with complex molecules and clusters

PAH and their clusters
Complex molecular systems are composed of several atoms, e.g., this includes C60 fullerene, molecules of biological interest such as nucleobases and amino acids, (...)

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Recent Instrumental developments

PIBALE (Plateforme d’Irradiation de Biomolécules et d’Agrégats Libres ou Environnés, ANR Blanc)
The PIBALE set-up is devoted to the study of ion-ion collisions between very low energy biomolecular (...)

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After 20 years of experiments on double electron capture and molecular fragmentation, I focus my attention on classical calculations to understand inelastic processes in atom-atom, ion-atom, and (...)

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