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MADIR team

Responsable: Philippe BODUCH

MADIR group in few words:

"MAterials, Defects, IRradiation"

The MADIR group consists of 12 researchers, 1 technician, an average of 4-5 PhD students and 1-2 post-docs or CDD. The MADIR group has a strong involvement at the CIRIL platform for the Interdisciplinary Research at the GANIL facility. Therefore, in order to provide the best support to external scientists, the scientific research covered by MADIR should be as large as possible in the topic of ion-matter interaction.

The research area of MADIR group is the study of excited matter, radiation damage and nanostructuring, including:

(i) fundamental developments in the science of materials submitted to dense excitation with swift heavy ions or slow multi-ionized ions

(ii) characterization of radiation-induced defects in various materials and their consequences on the physical and chemical properties

(iii) theoretical approaches to simulate phenomena occurring in excited materials

(iv) development of new material by irradiation, nanostructuration, ion-beam shapping.


  • EQUIPEX GENESIS (2012-2019)
  • Franco-chinese PICS project: IiN (2014-2016)
  • Franco-brazilian CAPES-COFECUB (2016-2019)

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