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Equipe MIL

The « Matériaux et Instrumentation Laser » (MIL) team is an internationnally well-recognized leader in the field of fabrication and characterization of rare earth doped materials for laser systems and sensors applications. The team aims, by the aid of theoretical and experimental studies, at understanding the spectroscopic properties of active ions in solids. More specifically the excitation dynamics, the width and intensity of optical transitions, or absorption processes in the excited and ground states, are investigated in great details depending on the applications. Analysis of the impact of the host matrix thermal properties and the dopant ion concentration is also an important part in our work in particular when the materials are to be used as gain media in high power laser systems. Thus, by a deep understanding of fundamental mechanisms together with well mastered crystal growth methods, the group brings original approaches, and new ideas to develop efficient laser systems and photonic devices.

The research activities of the group are centered on various international and national research projects. A list of the most significant programs since 2010 is as follows :

National projects :

International projects :

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