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Activités de recherche

The activities of the NIMPH team are organized around nanostructures made from semiconductor and/or dielectric materials, mostly compatible with silicon technology. Three thematics are studied :

- 1 Photonics
This thematic of the team concerns fields of photonics including the fabrication and studies of Light Emitting Diode (LED), optical amplifier and/or lasers doped with rare earth (RE) ions.(+)

- 2 Photovoltaics
The expertise acquired in the development of photonics applications has naturally led to the emergence of a new thematic dealing with the better management of the incoming light on solar cells. The team puts increasing efforts in the development of innovative solutions in connection with the renewable energy.(+)

- 3 Modeling
This thematic was initiated during DAPHNES and SHAMAN ANR projects with the aims to develop tools for understanding, managing and optimizing the light propagation in systems for photonic, photovoltaic and/or plasmonic applications.(+)

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