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Portail HAL du CCSD - UMR6252 - 2014

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Portail HAL du CCSD - UMR6252 - 2014

Articles syndiqués

  • [hal-01612395] Mode-locked Nd-doped fiber laser at 930 nm

    6 octobre, par Kai Qian, Hongjie Wang, Mathieu Laroche, Ammar Hideur
    We report on a passively mode-locked neodymium-doped oscillator featuring a W-type fiber operating at 930 nm. Two different laser configurations with and without dispersion management are investigated to generate high-energy similaritons. Chirped pulses with 2.2 nJ energy that can be compressed (...)
  • [hal-01612388] Experimental characterization of the excitation state of picosecond laser-induced Tungsten plasmas

    6 octobre, par Bastien Peres, Vincent Morel, Arnaud Bultel, Abdenacer Benyagoub, Isabelle Monnet
    In order to quantitatively determine the retention of light atoms by plasma facing components (mainly tungsten) used in fusion reactors, the Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) technique can be used. The nanosecond laser regimes classically used for LIBS present major limitations mainly (...)