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Ion and photon interaction with complex molecular systems

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  • Involved people : L. Adoui, A. Domaracka, B. A. Huber, A. Méry, J.-C. Poully, J. Rangama, P. Rousseau, V. Vizcaino (permanent researchers) ; M. Abdelmouleh, R. Delaunay, S. Indrajith, M. Lalande, M. Liu, A. P. Mika, C. Nicolafrancesco, L. Schwob (PhD students) ; J. Kocisek (postdoc)
  • Contracts : ANR JCJC FRAPA, Projet Émergent Région RIN IRHEMME, RIN Emergent MAGIC, PHC Barrande, PICS Italy, PICS United Kingdom, FP7-ITN ARGENT, BIOHYDRA project, research collaborative contract between CNR-Instituto di Struttura della Materia and CIMAP

The complex molecular sytems under study in the AMA team are various organic systems, such as carbonaceous molecular clusters, isolated proteins and assemblies of proteins (isolated collagen mimetic peptides, triple-helix pepdides models,…). The major goals are the investigation of ion-collision induced molecular growth in loosely bound clusters and the study of direct radiation effects on the structure and stability of protein systems in interaction with ions or photons.

Ion-collision induced reactivity in carbonaceous clusters

Direct radiation effects on the structure and stability of proteins