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In addition to lectures in classes, the AMA team is strongly involved in the training of students through research at all levels, from the licence level to the master and doctoral levels. About 30 licence-degree students and 14 master degree students performed an internship within the AMA team in the 2010-2015 period.
Five AMA members teach in the Master degree. The professor responsible for the Master 1 degree of Physics (since 2008) belongs to AMA.

The team contributes actively to the dissemination of scientific knowledge to a general audience (Fête de la Science, Têtes Chercheuses) and to highschool pupils (conferences in the framework of the "Groupe de Réflexion sur l’Enseignement des Sciences (GRES)"). The team is also active in writing books for students and specialized audience (books for Master students : "Physique Atomique et Moléculaire - Ions dans les Solides - Systèmes lasers", 1008 pages in 2 volumes, by G.L. Cremer, R.Moncorgé, J.-Y. Chesnel and L. Adoui (2010), as well as specialized books : “Interférences électroniques – Interférences macroscopiques et nanoscopiques. Analogies avec les interférences photoniques” by F. Frémont (2012) and “Young-Type Interferences with Electrons - Basics and Theoretical Challenges in Molecular Collision Systems” by F. Frémont (2014)).

Lamri Adoui was President of Normandy University (2015-2019)
Since 2010, Patrick Rousseau is a member of the Teaching Commission of the French Physical Society (SFP).

Lamri Adoui
Jean-Yves Chesnel
Alain Méry
Jean-Christophe Poully
Patrick Rousseau