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DOUALAN Jean-Louis

JPEG Chercheur
Téléphone : (33) 02 31-45-25-61
Équipe de recherche : OML

Tutelle d’appartenance : CNRS
Localisation : Cimap Ensicaen

Dr. Jean-Louis Doualan is full-time CNRS researcher (Chargé de Recherche) and project leader in the group “Matériaux et Instrumentation Laser” of the CIMAP (former CIRIL) laboratory. He has got the Doctorat degree from the University of Caen in 1983, after which he entered CNRS, and the Doctorat es Sciences Physiques degree in 1988, both diploma being dedicated to the study and the development of various kinds of colour center lasers. After a post-doctoral period at the University of Salt Lake City, USA (1989) and still a few years spent on high-power and diode-pumped colour center lasers, his research interest then turned to the fabrication, the spectroscopy and the laser applications of the rare earth doped laser materials. He is now more particularly involved, in addition to the development of various kinds of diode-pumped solid-state lasers, in the study of rare earth doped bulk and thin films like CaF2 or LiYF4 for laser waveguide applications in the IR and the visible spectral domains. He is also currently working on Mid-IR sensors based on rare earth doped chalcogenide fibers for detection of specific chemical species. He has been an author or a co-author of more than 200 articles in scientific journals and conferences proceeding with referees’ reports. He is co-inventor of four patents. He has obtained different scientific prizes (scientific innovation Pollutech 2011 on the optical CO2 sensor). He was involved in several contracts among which, in the recent years, international (ITN RAINBOW, RTN RENIBEL, COFECUB ) and ANR (FLUOLASE, OPTIQUE-CO2, DAPHNES, FEMTOCRYBLE and PAMPERO) projects.