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Phone : +33 (0)2 31-45-49-34
Chercheur CEA HDR

Research team : MADIR & CIRIL platform
Research institution : CEA
Location : CIMAP - GANIL, Office : 032

Mail address : CIMAP - site GANIL, Bd Henri Becquerel - CS 65133, 14076 Caen Cedex 5 - France

Short Biography :

  • 2022- : Deputy director of EMIR&A with N. Moncoffre (director) and MF Barthe (co-deputy director)
  • 2021 : HDR in Physics, « Du matériau parfait au matériau irradié : étude des relations structure/propriétés », Laboratoire CIMAP, Université de Caen Normandie
  • 2010 - present : Researcher (CEA) at CIMAP-CIRIL-GANIL

Expertise or research interests :

Behaviour of solid state materials under swift heavy ion irradiation

Effects of electronic excitations

Ion-matter interaction

In-situ characterizations

Structural studies [X-Ray diffraction (HR, GI, XRR), Transmission electron microscopy, Atom Probe Microscopy]

Transport Properties

Synthesis of thin films (PLD and RHEED, target preparation by solid state conventional routes)

Among the funded Projects :

  • France-Chicago FACCTS project between FermiLab (F. Pellemoine) and CIMAP (C. Grygiel), Characterization of Radiation Damage Effects in High-
    Energy Neutrino Target Graphite using Low-Energy Heavy Ions, (2021-2022).
  • RIN Plateforme PulvéChamp (2021), coordinator : C. Cibert (CRISMAT, Caen).
  • ANR Blanc "AUTOMACT" Séparation sur solide et autoconditionnement d’actinides provenant d’effluents contaminés (2018-2022), coordinator : X. Deschanels.
  • ANR Blanc International (Franco-Autrichien) « SIISU », Single Ion Induced Surface nanostructure (2013-2017), coordinator : B. Ban d’Etat.
  • ANR P2N « PELIICAEN », Plateforme pour l’Etude de L’Implantation Ionique Contrôlée et Analysée à l’Echelle Nanométrique, collaboration with Orsay Physics (2013-2015), coordinator : S. Guillous.
  • French-chinese CNRS cooperation project PICS IiN (Ion Induced Nanostructures : synergy between kinetic and potential energy depositions) with the Institute of Modern Physics, Lanzhou,China (2014-2016), coordinator : C. Grygiel.

Research Hightlights :

Most significant publications :

ORCID number : 0000-0002-4915-1016
see HAL CV of Clara Grygiel

  • Structural, optical, and electrical properties of TiO2 thin films deposited by ALD : Impact of the substrate, the deposited thickness and the deposition temperature,A. Jolivet, C. Labbé, Cédric Frilay, O. Debieu, P. Marie, B. Horcholle, F. Lemarié, X. Portier, C. Grygiel, S. Duprey, W. Jadwisienczak, D.Ingram, M. Upadhyay, A. David, A. Fouchet, U. Lüders, J. Cardin, Appl Surf Sci 608, 155214 (2023)
  • Growth and study of Tb3+ doped Nb2O5 thin films by radiofrequency magnetron sputtering : photoluminescence properties, B. Horcholle, C. Labbé, X. Portier, P. Marie, C. Frilay, W. Yuan, W. Jadwisienczak, D. Ingram, C. Grygiel, J. Cardin, Applied Surface Science, 597, 153711 (2022)
  • Damage in InGaN/GaN layers upon Xe and Pb swift heavy ions irradiation, P. Jozwik, J.P. S. Cardoso, D. Carvalho, M.R. Correia, M. C. Sequeira, S. Magalhães, D. Nd. Faye, C. Grygiel, I. Monnet, A. Bross, C. Wetzel, E. Alves, K. Lorenz, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2022
  • Examining different regimes of ionisation-induced damage in GaN through atomic simulations, M. C. Sequeira, F. Djurabekova, K. Nordlund, J. G. Mattei, I. Monnet, C. Grygiel, E. Alves and K. Lorenz, Small (2022)
  • Unravelling the secrets of the resistance of GaN to strongly ionising radiation, M. C. Sequeira, J.G. Mattei, H. Vazquez, F. Djurabekova, K. Nordlund, I. Monnet, P. Mota-Santiago, P. Kluth, C. Grygiel, S. Zhang, E. Alves and K. Lorenz, Comm Phys 4, 51 (2021)
  • Fullerene irradiation leads to track formation enclosing nitrogen bubbles in GaN material, J-G. Mattei, M. Sall, F. Moisy, A. Ribet, E. Balanzat,C . Grygiel, and I. Monnet, Materialia 15 - 100987 (2021)
  • Response of defective KTaO3 to ionizing ion irradiation, G. Velişa, E. Zarkadoula, D. Iancu, M.D. Mihai, C. Grygiel, I. Monnet, B. Kombaiah, Y. Zhang and W.J. Weber, J. Phys. D Appl. Phys. 54, 375302 (2021)
  • Structural and mechanical modifications of GaN thin films by swift heavy ion irradiation, S. Eve, A. Ribet, J-G. Mattei, C. Grygiel, E. Hug, I. Monnet, Vacuum 195, 110639, 2021
  • In-situ kinetics of modifications induced by swift heavy ions in Al2O3 : colour centre formation, structural modification and amorphization, C. Grygiel, F. Moisy, M. Sall, H. Lebius, E. Balanzat, T. Madi, T. Been, D. Marie, and I. Monnet, Acta Materialia 140, 157-167 (2017)
  • Phase transformations induced by heavy ion irradiation in Gd2O3 : Comparison between ballistic and electronic excitation regimes, S. Bilgen, G. Sattonnay, C. Grygiel, I. Monnet, P. Simon, L. Thomé, Nucl. Instr. and Meth. in Phys. Res. B (2017)
  • A new setup for localized implantation and live-characterization of keV energy multiply charged ions at the nanoscale, S. Guillous, C. Bourin, B. Ban D’Etat, A. Benyagoub, A. Cassimi, C. Feierstein, E. Gardes, E Giglio, S. Girard, C. Grygiel, A. Houel, H. Lebius, A. Mery, I. Monnet, J.-M. Ramillon, J. Rangama, F. Ropars, E. Verzeroli, M. Vitteau, and A. Delobbe, RSI 87, 113901 (2016)
  • Key role of the short-range order on the response of the titanate pyrochlore Y2Ti2O7 to irradiation, G. Sattonnay, S. Cammelli, D. Menut, N. Sellami, C. Grygiel, I. Monnet, J.L Béchade, J .P. Crocombette, A. Chartier, A. Soulié, R. Tétot, C. Legros, P. Simon, S. Miro, L. Thomé, Phys. Rev. B 94, 224109 (2016))
  • Modifications of structural and physical properties induced by swift heavy ions in Gd2Ti2O7 and Y2Ti2O7 pyrochlores, N. Sellami, G. Sattonnay, C. Grygiel, I. Monnet, A. Debelle, C. Legros, D. Menut, S. Miro, P. Simon, J.L Bechade, L. Thomé, NIM B 365-371 (2015)
  • Energy deposition by heavy ions : Additivity of kinetic and potential energy contributions in hillock formation on CaF2, Y. Y. Wang, C. Grygiel, C. Dufour, J. R. Sun, Z. G. Wang, Y. T. Zhao, G. Q. Xiao, R. Cheng, X. M. Zhou, J. R. Ren, S. D. Liu, Y. Lei, Y. B. Sun, R. Ritter, E. Gruber, A. Cassimi, I. Monnet, S. Bouffard, F. Aumayr and M. Toulemonde, Scientific Reports 4, 5742 (2014)
  • Experimental approach and atomistic simulations to investigate the radiation tolerance of complex oxides : Application to the amorphization of pyrochlores, G. Sattonnay, L. Thomé, N. Sellami, I. Monnet, C. Grygiel, C. Legros, R. Tetot, NIM B 326, 228-233 (2014)
  • A new sub-nanosecond time-resolved instrument to study swift heavy ion-beam induced luminescence - Application to luminescence degradation of a fast plastic scintillator, E. Gardes, E. Balanzat, B. Ban-d’Etat, A. Cassimi, F. Durantel, C. Grygiel, T. Madi, I. Monnet, J-M. Ramillon, F. Ropars, and H. Lebius, NIM B 297, 39-43 (2013)
  • Online in-situ X-ray diffraction setup for structural modification studies during swift heavy ion irradiation, C. Grygiel, H. Lebius, S. Bouffard, A. Quentin, J. M. Ramillon, T. Madi, S. Guillous, T. Been, P. Guinement, D. Lelièvre, and I. Monnet, Rev. Sci. Instrum. Volume 83, 013902 (2012)
  • A-Site Order Control in Mixed Conductor NdBaCo2O5+d Films through Manipulation of Growth Kinetics, C. Grygiel, S. R. C. McMitchell, Z. Xu, L. Yan, H. J. Niu, D. Giap, J. Bacsa, P. R. Chalker and M. J. Rosseinsky, Chem. Mater., 22 (6), 1955–1957 (2010)
  • High permittivity SrHf0.5Ti0.5O3 films grown by pulsed laser deposition, L. Yan, M.R. Suchomel, C. Grygiel, H. J. Niu, J. Bacsa, J. Clark, P.R. Chalker and M.J. Rosseinsky, Appl. Phys. Let. 94, 232903, (2009)