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Chercheur CEA
Téléphone : (33) 02 31-45-47-51
Équipe de recherche : MADIR

Tutelle d’appartenance : CEA
Localisation : CIMAP-GANIL

Yvette Ngono-Ravache has a multidisciplinary background. Educated in chemistry, she hold a PhD in physical-chemistry and has been studying polymers under ionizing radiations (physics of irradiation, mechanisms of defects creation, radio-oxidation and gas emission) for 23 years. She has a solid expertise in the study of polymers under ionizing radiations (alpha, beta, gamma and ion beams). She has been working for the last decades in polymer tailoring so to adapt the material to the specific process under study and this is a paradigm shift in the study of organic materials under irradiation.

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CV details Yvette Ngono-Ravache