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GANIL facility as tools for irradiation experiments of MADIR group through the CIRIL platform :

  • Variable irradiation temperatures from 8K up to 1500K
  • Variable irradiation angles down to grazing values of 0.2°

Many online setups for in-situ experiments :

  • gaz release
  • absorption spectroscopy
  • emission spectroscopy
  • structural analysis
  • sputtering

Many ex-situ experiments are also available :

  • High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction
  • Transmission/Scanning Electron Microscopy and FIB
  • Atome Probe Microscopy
  • Resistivity measurements at RT
  • and many others...

Equipments for material synthesis are also available :

  • 1 Uniaxial press
  • 1 Classical furnace with maximum temperature of 1200°C
  • 1 atmosphere controlled furnace with maximum temperature of 1600°C with primary vacuum or N2 or Ar
  • Chemistry laboratory for polymer synthesis
  • and many others....