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POULLY Jean-Christophe

Téléphone : (33) 02 31-45-44-42
Équipe de recherche / Service : AMA

Tutelle d’appartenance : Université Caen Normandie
Localisation : Cimap Ganil, Bureau 025-1


Course Level
General and basic physics Bachelor degree in Biology
Classical optics Bachelor degree
Physics lab exercises Bachelor degree
Electricity and electronics Bachelor degree
Mechanics of solids Bachelor degree

Experimental skills Skills in simulation
Collision between ion and molecular beams in the gas phase
IR spectroscopy of gas-phase molecular systems Quantum-chemical calculations by means of ab initio, DFT, semi-empirical and force-field methods
Ion mobility spectrometry Cross-section calculations for collisions between molecules and rare gas
Mass spectrometry Ion trajectories (SIMION software)
Handling of IR, visible and UV lasers
Electron capture/transfer dissociation of molecular cations
Storage of ions in electrostatic rings
VUV spectroscopy and photoionization
Production of gas-phase molecular beams with electrospray ionization sources, laser desorption on microdroplets, and thermal heating