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Équipe de recherche / Service : PM2E
Cimap Ensicaen - Téléphone : (33) 02-31-45-26-53



  • Hexagonal symmetry materials
  1. Structural units concept in grain boundaries
  2. Nitride semiconductors
  • Quantitative High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy
  1. Alloys and heterostructures in Nitride semiconductors for light emission
  2. Alloys and heterostructures in Nitride semiconductors for HEMTs
  3. Heteroepitaxy of antimonides for low consumption to autonomous electronic components

Research Projects

  • EU Funded projects
  1. Human Capital and Mobilty HCM ((1995-1998) ( I C H S : ERBCHRX-CT94-0467) : ’Grain boundaries in hexagonal symmetry materials’, Coordinator Prof. RC Pond, the University of Liverpool
  2. Research Training network, HPRN-CT-1999-00040 (2000-2003) :’Interfacial Processes in Advanced materials’, Coordinator P. Ruterana
  3. Research Training Network HPRN-CT-2001-00297(2002- 2005) : (RENIBEL),Rare earth doped nitrides for multicolor bright electroluminescence, Coordinator, Prof. K. O’Donnell, the University of Strathclyde, PI P. Ruterana
  4. Research Training Network, MRTN-CT-2004-005583 (PARSEM) : 2005-2009, Coordinator, Prof. P. Komninou, the University of Thessaloniki
    5. Initial Training Research Network, PITN-GA-2008-213238 (1 oct 2008-30 sept 2012 : Indium rich alloys (RAINBOW), Coordinator P. Ruterana
  • ANR Funded projects
  1. COSNI, (1/1/2009-30/6/2012),Coordinator P. Ruterana, Chosen by the ANR as ’Projet Phare’ for the ’Rencontres du numériques’, 17-18 April 2013, Palais des Sciences et de l’industrie, Paris
  2. MOS35, (1/1/2009-30/09/2012), Coordinator Prof. S. Bollaert IEMN Lille
  3. MATISS 1/01/2012-31/03/2013 within LABEX EMC3, Coordinator Prof. P. Camy
  4. Exploration of InGaN/GaN/Si thick layers as a material for photovoltaic applications within LABEX GANEX (1/09/2012-31/08/2014), Partner : Dr. Eva Monroy, INAC, shared 24 months post doctoral position
  5. AlInN Layers and AlInN Heterostructures for Optimized high electron Mobility transistors, LHOM (1/10/2014-30/09/2017), Coordinator Dr. Magali Morales

Basse Normandie Region Funded projects

  1. Convention CRBN 09P02242, Support for COSNI, MOS35 and RAINBOW projects = 24 months post doctoral position , 100 keuros Equipment (1/01/2009-31/12/2011)
  2. Structure and properties of InAlN alloys, PhD Position Octobre 2014-Septembre 2017


  • 300 peer reviewed journal papers
  • 6 Book Chapters
  • 74 Invited talks in international conferences
  • 109 Peer reviewed conference papers
  • 1 edition of scientific book : ’Nitride Semiconductors : Handbook on Materials and Devices’ Editors : P. Ruterana, M. Albrecht, and J. Neugebauer, isbn 3-527-40387-6, Wiley VCH Berlin 2003’’

10 Edition or Co-edition of conference proceedings

  1. Interface and defects at atomic level, special issue of Physica Status Solidi (b) vol 227, N°1, (2001), P. Ruterana, C. Humphreys and T. Karakostas, Guest editors.
  2. Rare Earth doped materials for photonics, special issue of Material Science and Engineering B 105, 2003, P. Ruterana, Guest editor
  3. Indium nitride and indium rich related alloys, special issue of Physica status solidi (a), Vol. 203 N °1, 2005, P. Ruterana, guest editor
  4. Rare earth doped photonic materials, Special issue of Optical Materials Vol 28 N°6-7, 2006, P. Ruterana, guest editor
  5. Interfacial Processes and properties of advanced materials, special issue of Phil Mag, 86, N°15, 2006, P. Bristowe, P. Ruterana, guest editors
  6. Dilute magnetic materials for spintronic applications, special issue of Phys. stat. sol. (a) 204, N° 1, (2007), P. Ruterana, guest editor
  7. Novel Semiconductor Materials for Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism, edited by C.R. Abernathy, S. Bedair, P. Ruterana, and R. Frazier ; Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. Volume 999E, Warrendale, PA, (2007)
  8. Rare earth doping of photonis materials : Mechanisms and devices, special issue of Materials Science and Engineering B 146, N°1-3, (2008), J. Evans-Freeman, P. Goldman, T. Kimura and P. Ruterana, guest editors
  9. Rare earth doped materials for photonics : Proceeding of MRS Fall meeting, Symposium D, Boston 1-5 Décembre 2008, Vol 1111, V. Dierolf, Y. Fujiwara, P. Ruterana and J.M. Zavada
  10. Indium nitride and related alloys, Physica Status Solidi A209, N°1 (2012), Proceedings of E-MRS ICAM IUMRS 2011 Spring meeting, Nice France 9-13 May 2011, Symposium H, P. Ruterana , Guest Editor



  • 12 PhD students
  • 9 Post docs