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How to get beam time ?

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To perform an interdisciplinary experiment at GANIL, you should made a beam request, currently there are three possibilities (We emphasize that you garantuee your proposal is original and is not simultaneously submitted to the two other committees) :

  • RADIATE. Call for proposal is open since the 1st of April, 2019 for all 4 beamlines (for spokesperson of foreign countries, all four beamlines, max 80 hours per proposal) ARIBE, IRRSUD, ME or HE

All the interdisciplinary experiments performed at GANIL have to be evaluated by a scientific committee, even those proposed by CIMAP researchers.

Scientific committees :


The main committee is the GANIL interdisciplinary Program Advisory Committee (iPAC), chaired at present by Ian SIMS and composed by :

The selection process is in several phases :

  • Every experiment proposal is evaluated by two external referees,
  • In parallel, a technical committee evaluates the feasability of the experiment according to the requested beam, equipments and security aspects.
  • From the results of the 2 previous steps and their own evaluation, the iPAC members during a committee meeting give an advice and rank the proposal in three categories A : to be scheduled in priority, B : to be scheduled if time available, C ; rejected.
  • Finally the CIMAP and GANIL directions validate (or not) the selection further to the previous recommendations.

Concerns only IRRSUD and ME

Concerns only for experiments on materials under irradiation : EMIR is a french national network of accelerators dedicated to material irradiation and to the funding of academic and industrial researchers to access its 5 platforms.

A fraction of the beamtime (depending of the years) is opened throught the EMIR Scientific committee.

For news or updates about calls for proposals, see section CIRIL news.

It is recommended to contact one of the CIMAP-CIRIL staff before the submission of your proposal.


Publication of the results obtained with the GANIL beams should contain the following indication : "experiment performed with the beam of the Grand Accélérateur National d’Ions Lourds (Caen)" and, the contribution of the CIRIL or CIMAP staff should be clearly indicated.
Don’t forget to send a pre-print to the CIRIL.

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