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Publications PM2E 2020

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  • 1. Thermally induced evolution of optical and structural properties of Er2O3 films grown on Si substrates by thermal atomic layer deposition
    , L. Khomenkova, M.-P. Chauvat, P. Marie, C. Frilay, F. Lemarié, S. Boudin, X. Portier, N. Ratel-Ramond, C. Labbé, J. Cardin and F. Gourbilleau, Materials Letters, 263, 127216 (2020),
  • 2. Growth evolution of N-polar indium-rich InAlN layer on c-sapphire viastrain relaxation by ultrathin AlON interlayer, Prerna Chauhan, S. Hasenöhrl, A. Minj, M.P. Chauvat, P. Ruterana and J. Kuzmik, Applied Surface Science, 502, pp. 144086, (2020)
  • 3. Optical, structural and electrical characterization of pure ZnO films grown on p-type Si substrates by radiofrequency magnetron sputtering in different atmospheres, O. Melnichuk, L. Melnichuk, Ye Venger, C. Guillaume, M-P Chauvat, X. Portier, I. Markevich, N. Korsunska and L. Khomenkova, Semicond. Sci. Technol. 35 (2020) 095034 (13pp), (2020)
  • 5. Indium segregation mechanism and V-defects formation on (0001) InAlN surface : an ab-initio investigation, Ranim Mohamad, Pierre Ruterana, Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics 54, (1), (2020), ⟨hal-03047713⟩
  • 6. Effect of AlGaN interlayer on the GaN/InGaN/GaN/AlGaN multi-quantum wells structural properties toward red light emission, Pierre Ruterana, Magali Morales, Nicolas Chery, Thi Ngo, Marie-Pierre Chauvat, Kaddour Lekhal, Benjamin Damilano and Bernard Gil, Journal of Applied Physics, American Institute of Physics 128, pp.223102, (2020), ⟨hal-03047502⟩
  • 7. About the influence of temperature and environmental relative humidity on the longitudinal and transverse mechanical properties of elementary alfa fibers, Mokhtar Khaldi, Mohamed Mokhtar Bouziane, Alexandre Vivet, Habiba Bougherara, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, Wiley, 137 (34), pp.48992. (2020), ⟨hal-03164258⟩
  • 8. A viscoelastic–viscoplastic model with hygromechanical coupling for flax fibre reinforced polymer composites, Marwa Abida, Florian Gehring, Jamel Mars, Alexandre Vivet, Fakhreddine Dammak, Mohamed Haddar , Composites Science and Technology, 189, pp.108018 (2020), ⟨hal-03164294⟩
  • 9. Inverse approach for flax yarns mechanical properties identification from statistical mechanical characterization of the fabric, Marwa Abida, Ahmad Baklouti, Florian Gehring, Alexandre Vivet, Christophe Bouvet , Mechanics of Materials, 151, pp.103638 (2020), ⟨hal-03103730⟩
  • 10. A Characterization of the Damage Process under Buckling Load in Composite Reinforced by Flax Fibres, Meriem Fehri, Alexandre Vivet, Fakhreddine Dammak, Mohamed Haddar, Clément Keller., Journal of Composites Science, MDPI, 4 (3), pp.85. (2020), ⟨hal-02929343⟩
  • 11. An efficient ABAQUS solid shell element implementation for low velocity impact analysis of FGM plates, A. Chaker, S. Koubaa, J. Mars, A. Vivet, F. Dammak, Engineering with Computers, 151, pp.103638 (2020), ⟨hal-02533203⟩

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