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Radiation biology platform

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The Radiation biology platform is devoted to studies of ion beams effects on biological systems. The ARIA group is in charge of its operation.
After the selection of scientific projects by the iPAC committee, guest teams can access to the Radiation-biology platform and the fully equipped cell culture laboratory.
Irradiations with High-Energy ion beams delivered by GANIL in D1 cave on an automatic biological sample holder developped by the CIMAP

Cell culture lab and equipment

Two clean hoods and 2 CO2 incubators

2 additional 3-gaz incubators with N2 injection

Specific equipment of the platform*
-  2 large sterile bench hoods
-  2 CO2 incubators
-  2 tri-gaz CO2 incubators with N2 injection**
-  1 water baths
-  1 inverted microscope
-  1 centrifuge
-  1 small bench centrifuge
-  -80°C Freezer Panasonic
-  -20°C cold room
-  +4°C cold room

* the other equipment of the ARIA lab (links) can be used, after an agreement with the local team
** a participation to the cost of the N2 bottles can be asked

The cost for the wastes is entirely taken in charge by the platform (biological, plastic, irradiated wastes)
Regarding consumable and biological material, Guest teams have to buy and come with their own material. No plastic (flasks, tubes…) and no medium / chemical are provided by the platform.