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Séminaires 2017

par HASLEY Delphine - publié le

07/07/2017 : Baodan LIU - Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
- "Synthesis, property tailoring and applications of semiconductor nanostructures"

15/06/2017 : Mykhailo VALAKH - Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, KIEV
- "Optical and Nanoprobe Research of Nanostructures with Quantum Dots : the Effect of Giant Interdiffusion"

04/05/2017 : Gilles PESLHERBE - Concordia University, Montréal, Canada
- "Theoretical Investigations Of The Structure And Spectroscopy Of Solvated Ions And Their Photochemistry"

09/03/2017 : Amina BELKADI - Computational Materials Science Laboratory, University of Sidi-Bel-Abbes
- "Calculations Of The Dislocation Density Tensor And The Incompatibility Tensor Using A New Approach"

03/03/2017 : Yi WANG - Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany
- "Measuring the cation and oxygen atomic column displacement at picometer precision"

27/02/2017 : Raluca CIREASA - Institut des Sciences Moléculaires d’Orsay
- "Radiosensitisers under XUV Radiation : Reactions of Photodamage and Photostability"

08/02/2017 : Marc BRUNEL - Université de Rennes
- "Oscillateurs lasers pour la génération de signaux térahertz"

05/01/2017 : Elisabetta MICELOTTA - Université d’Helsinki
- "Energetic processing of complex carbonaceous molecules in space"