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The mechanics of natural or synthetic fibrous media is currently undergoing an important development carried on, the one hand, by new experimental and numerical means and on the other hand by the growing needs for characterization and modeling on the application side. In this context, the goal of the CNRS "GDR" Multiscale Mechanics of Fibrous Media - MECAFIB - is to gather french academic and industrial research teams working on this area to reinforce their interactions and to allow scientific issues related to these particular media to be tackled. More precisely, the GDR MECAFIB focuses on the mechanics of flexible fibrous media, characterized by significant relative displacements between fibers, strong non-linearities related both to their contacts and the rheology of their constituents (fibers, fiber bundles, soft matrix). The main objective of the GDR MECAFIB is to develop and/or use tools of experimental, theoretical and numerical mechanics for characterizing and modeling both the architectures and the mechanics of fibrous media.