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Responsable de groupe : équipe ARIA
Professeur, Université Caen Normandie
Téléphone : (33) 2 31-45-48-56
Localisation : Cimap GANIL
Équipe de recherche : ARIA

Brief CV :

Dr. Siamak Haghdoost is PhD of radiobiology from Stockholm University, Sweden and post doc from Karolinska medical hospital, Stockholm. He is Professor of molecular radiobiology at University of Caen Normandy, France and associated professor of molecular radiobiology at Stockholm University, Sweden. He is currently responsible for Aria laboratory in CIMAP/GANIL in Caen. His research is focus on studies related to mechanisms and biomarkers of individual sensitivity to ionizing radiation of different quality and mechanisms of radiation-induced early and late health effects. Prof. Haghdoost has been/is involved in several European projects within radiation research such as EpiRadBio, Doremi, RiscRAD and Harmonic as work package leader, member or task leader. At national level, he is responsible for ARCHADE radiobiology work package and scientific responsible for RIN-ARCHADE project.

Alumni :
Previous PhD program supervised by Pr. Haghdoost