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Activités de recherche

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Healthy tissues preservation and patient recovery without sequelae are key factors in modern cancer radiation-therapy. Given the biophysical and biological characteristics of C-ion beams, C-ion radiotherapy has the potential to improve local control and reduce normal tissue complications in the treatment of cancer patients, especially those with radio-resistant solide tumours that have poor outcomes with standard therapies.

Radiobiology of resistant cancers and benefit of hadrontherapy : role of oxidative stress, DNA repair mechanisms and cell communications
• Identification of responsible mechanisms of cancer stem cell survival after photon and hadron irradiation with focus in DNA repair and antioxidant system
• Cell communications : Bystander signaling effect
• Engineering of new in vitro 3D models for radiobiology : 3D printing, spheroids, organoids
Identification of biomarkers of individual sensitivity to radiotherapy
• To identify new mechanisms and new biomarkers of adverse health effects
• To develop and implement appropriate bioinformatical methodologies for validation of biomarkers


- K-RAS = Traitement par inhibiteurs de KRAS en association avec l’irradiation X vs protons dans le cancer bronchique non à petite cellule avec mutation KRAS
ARIA group is leader (contact person= F. Chevalier)
2022-2023 ; Funded by La Ligue contre le cancer, comité de Seine Maritime.

- K-RADI  : Rôle de KRAS dans la modulation de la RADiorésistance et du statut Inflammatoire dans le cancer bronchique non à petites cellules
ARIA group is leader (contact person= F. Chevalier)
2023 ; Funded by EDF.

- HARMONIC = Health effects of cardiac fluoroscopy and modern radiotherapy in paediatrics
ARIA group is partner (contact person= S. Haghdoost)
2019-2024 ; Funded by the European Union