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IGLIAS ANR (2013-2017)

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IGLIAS ANR (2013-2017)

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The mobile experimental set-up IGLIAS (Irradiation de Glaces d’Intérêt AStrophysique) for studying the interaction of ion beams with solid samples in a wide temperature range from 9 to 300 K was developed by CIMAP (coordinator Philippe Boduch) in collaboration with IAS Orsay (coordinator Emmanuel Dartois) financed by an ANR grant (2013-2017). Up to three samples prepared ex situ or by condensation of molecules from gases or vapors onto IR or Visible-ultraviolet (Vis-UV) transparent windows in situ can be mounted. Chemical or physical evolution during irradiations can be followed in situ with different analysis techniques including Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), visible-ultraviolet spectroscopy (Vis-UV) and mass spectrometry (QMS). IGLIAS is open to the scientific community, in particular to astrophysicists who want to simulate in the laboratory the effects of cosmic rays on astrophysical ice analogs under swift heavy ion irradiation provided by the GANIL (Caen, France).

More information can be be found in :

  • Basile Auge,
    Effets du rayonnement cosmique galactique sur les petits corps glacés du système solaire externe : indices pour la formation de la matière organique des micrométéorites antarctiques ultracarbonées
    Ph. D. Thesis, Normandie Université (Université de Caen Normandie), 12/10/2017
  • B. Augé, T. Been, P. Boduch, M. Chabot, E. Dartois, T. Madi, J. M. Ramillon, F. Ropars, H. Rothard, P. Voivenel
    IGLIAS : A new experimental set-up for low temperature irradiation studies at large irradiation facilities
    Review of Scientific Instruments 89, 075105 (2018),
    doi : 10.1063/1.5028056

Publications :

  • E. Dartois, M. Chabot, T. Id Barkach, H. Rothard, P. Boduch, B. Augé, A. N. Agnihotri
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  • F.A. Vasconcelos, S. Pilling, A. Agnihotri, H. Rothard, P. Boduch
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  • E. Dartois, M. Chabot, T. Id Barkach, H. Rothard, B. Augé, A.N. Agnihotri, A. Domaracka, P. Boduch
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    Astronomy and Astrophysics 618 (2018) A173, doi : 10.1051/0004-6361/201833277

IGLIAS (schematic) :

Schematic of IGLIAS
Schematic of IGLIAS

IGLIAS installed at GANIL’s ARIBE facility :

IGLIAS installed at GANIL's ARIBE facility
IGLIAS installed at GANIL’s ARIBE facility