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Nd doped laser crystals for high intensity laser chains

par BRAUD Alain - publié le

Fundings:CPER CRISTO (2019), CRISTALIN (collaborative contract CEA-CESTA Bordeaux, 2018-2021 –coordination), LALABAND (collaborative contract CEA-CESTA Bordeaux, 2017-2018 – coordination), , LASCAN (collaborative contract CEA-CESTA Bordeaux, 2015-2017 –coordination), PAMPERO (ANR, 2013-2016 – partner), SPIDER (RIN, 2018-2020 - partner) + direct contracts with Amplitude Systèmes and FZD
PhD and Post-doc involved:S. Normani, R. Soulard, C. Meroni
Collaborations : FZD (Forschungszentrum Dresden – Rossendorf), LCFIO, Amplitude Systèmes, USP University (Sao-Carlo, Brazil), CELIA, CEA-CESTA

Very high energy laser installations in service in the world such as the Laser Mega-Joule (LMJ) in Bordeaux or the National Ignition Facility in the USA use lasers whose rate is typically limited to one shot every few hours, i.e. 10-4 Hz. The neodymium doped laser glasses which constitute the amplifying media are, by their low thermal conductivity, the limiting element. The increase in the rate of laser shots is the keystone of the evolution of these new generation installations corresponding to a demand combining high energy and recurrence. In this context, the CIMAP laboratory in Caen is carrying out sustained collaboration with the CEA–CESTA (Center for Scientific and Technical Studies of Aquitaine) through various research contracts to develop new laser materials that can meet strict specifications. imposed by a very large laser installation such as the Laser Mega-Joule. The different spectroscopic as well as thermo-mechanical characteristics of the rare earth doped materials synthesized and studied at CIMAP are able to meet the requirements of such a research program. Very promising candidate materials have been synthesized, characterized and implemented at CIMAP such as CaF2 codoped with Nd3+ and Lu3+. Different laser experiments are already implemented at CIMAP as well as at CEA-CESTA with these materials optimized in the MIL team with the aim of using them in laser modules dedicated to the Mega-Joule Laser.
On the other hand, collaborations are still running with our industrial and academic partners (Amplitude Systemes, FZD Dresden – Rossendorf) about the growth, optimization and materials studies of Yb:CaF2 for high power (Petawatt) and/or high repetition rates laser sources.