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ARCHADE scientific program is divided in workpackages as defined :

WP1. Clinical Research in Hadron Therapy
WP2. Basic Physico-Chemical Data for Hadrontherapy
WP3. Radiobiological data for the hadron therapy
WP4. Operational Developments and imaging for treatment improvement
WP5. Management
WP6. Dissemination and communication
WP7. Collaborations and external users
WP8. Education and training

The ARIA group is in charge of the WP3 with collaborating teams (ISTCT and ABTE)

Task 1 : Overcoming radio-resistance of cancer cells
- To understand mechanisms of tumor radio-resistance comparing radiation of different quality
- To investigate effects of other treatments combined with hadron irradiation for overcoming radioresistance

Task 2 : Restraining radiation-induced effects on healthy tissues (normal tissue toxicity)
- To establish dose response relationship and mechanistic explanation for healthy tissue effects irradiated with different radiation quality.

Task 3 : Understanding non-targeted effects of radiations (bystander effect)
- To establish dose response relations and provide mechanistic explanation for non-targeted effects induced by different radiation qualities.

Task 4 : Providing information on coherent methodologies
- To provide to other tasks radiation beams, information about : dose, fractionation, LET and dose rate
- To provide information about new experimental models, systems, new methods and encourage new collaborations with other groups


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