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Axis 2 : Novel fiber laser sources

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Research within this theme concerns the development of new laser sources and optical measurement techniques. Our main objectives are to study the spatio-temporal and spectroscopic properties of novel fiber lasers in high power regime, to reach wavelength domains that are still little explored.
Over the past five years, our research has mainly focused on the study of Nd-doped fiber amplifiers and lasers for high power emission around 900 nm, in continuous or pulsed regime (ns, ps, fs), as well as on the non-linear frequency conversion in blue around 450 nm and in the deep-UV around 225 nm. In the frame of the ANR NEODUV and PICODUV projects, novel picosecond laser systems based on very large mode area Nd-doped PM fiber are currently being developped, with the objective of scaling the output power to several tens of watts.
In 2017, a new research activity was initiated on the development of Raman fiber lasers around 1650 nm as part of the Fast-Mir and NovaMat projects. The objective is to develop high-brightness laser sources between 1620 nm and 1700 nm, i.e. at wavelengths that are not covered by the usual emission bands of rare earth ions. These Raman laser sources allow resonant pumping of Thulium-doped materials in massive forms or in thin layers for an emission around 1.9 µm.

Main research activities of Axis 2 :

Projects :

  • PICODUV : « Neodymium-doped blue/UV picosecond pulsed fiber laser for material inspection and structuring »
    Région Normandie – Programme RIN Tremplin (2021-2024)
  • NEODUV : « Neodymium doped fiber lasers for blue / DUV high power emission »
    ANR PRCE (2020-2024)
  • NOVAMAT : « New Mid-IR laser sources based on fluoride matérials »
    Région Normandie – Programme RIN Tremplin (2019-2022)
  • DUNFILM : « Deep UV Nd doped Fibre Laser for Material processing »
    Labex EMC3 (2018-2019)
  • Fast-Mir : « High performance Thulium and Holmium doped crystals for mid-IR ultrafast lasers »
    Labex EMC3 (2015-2018)

Recent publications :

  1. K. Le Corre, T. Robin, A. Barnini, L. Kervella, P. Guitton, B. Cadier, G. Santarelli, H. Gilles, S. Girard, and M. Laroche, "Linearly-polarized pulsed Nd-doped fiber MOPA at 905 nm and frequency conversion to deep-UV at 226 nm," Opt. Express 29, 4240-4248 (2021)
    doi :
  2. R. Thouroude, A. Tyazhev, A. Hideur, P. Loiko, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, H. Gilles, and M. Laroche, "Widely tunable in-band-pumped Tm:CaF2 laser," Opt. Lett. 45, 4511-4514 (2020)
    doi :