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Non-linear frequency conversion in the blue and deep-UV

par LAROCHE Mathieu - publié le

The main objectives of this research theme are to generate CW and pulsed laser sources in the blue and deep-UV spectral domain.
We demonstrated the first frequency-doubled neodymium-doped fiber laser generating multi-watt CW power near 450 nm. A bow-tie resonator incorporating a LBO nonlinear crystal is integrated within a Nd-doped fiber laser emitting near 900 nm. This scheme achieves an IR to blue conversion efficiency close to 55% without any active control of the internal resonant cavity. As a result, up to 7.5 W of linearly-polarized blue power is generated.
Recently, frequency-quadrupled linearly-polarized Q-switched neodymium-doped fiber laser generating > 500 mW average power at 226 nm was demonstrated. For this purpose, an amplified Q-switched oscillator using novel large-mode-area (LMA) fibers and generating up to 24 W average power (15 kW peak power) at 905 nm was developed. Two nonlinear frequency conversion stages using a LBO crystal for SHG and a BBO crystal for FHG generate respectively up to 4.9 W average power in the deep blue at 452 nm and a maximum of 510 mW average power in the deep ultra-violet at 226 nm.


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