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Short-pulse Nd-doped fiber laser systems

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This work was first conducted as part of SOLAIR project in collaboration with CORIA (Rouen). A passively mode-locked neodymium-doped oscillator operating at 930 nm was studied and developed thanks to the expertise of the team DOL “Département Optique et Lasers” (CORIA) in this domain. The laser cavity comprised a dispersion managed line and a saturable absorber semiconductor (SESAM), generating parabolic pulses with 10 ps duration. The measured output power is 34 mW at a repetition rate of 15 MHz, which corresponds to more than 2.2 nJ pulse energy. This is the highest pulse energy that was reported so far for a mode-locked fiber oscillator at this wavelength. These pulses were then compressed to less than 126 fs. An amplification stage was developed at CIMAP and has extended the performance of the oscillator to an energy of 20 nJ energy (average power of 300 mW) in picosecond regime.
The current work focuses on the development of dissipative solitons picosecond sources using all-PM fiber oscillators.


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