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Resonant pumping near 1680 nm of Tm-doped materials

par LAROCHE Mathieu - publié le

In the frame of the developpement of Raman fiber laser sources with diffraction-limited beam quality, a wavelength close to 1680 nm was used for the optical pumping of crystalline laser materials doped with Tm3+ ions. This project continued through the pumping of Tm-doped or Tm/Ho codoped LiYF4 crystals and waveguides. The objective was to demonstrate the efficiency of in-band pumping, which could also lead us to study these systems under mode-locking conditions.
Recently, we achieved efficient laser operation of a Tm:CaF2 crystal in-band pumped at 1610 nm by an Er-Yb-codoped fiber laser system. A laser slope efficiency of 55% (versus incident pump power) was achieved in a continuous-wave regime, with a maximum output power of 1.25 W at ∼1.88µm in a nearly diffraction-limited beam (M2=1.14). We also demonstrated a continuous tuning range of 180 nm, which extends to short wavelengths down to 1773 nm.


- R. Thouroude, A. Tyazhev, A. Hideur, P. Loiko, P. Camy, J.L. Doualan, H. Gilles, and M. Laroche, "Widely tunable in-band-pumped Tm:CaF2 laser" Opt. Lett. 45, 4511-4514 (2020)
doi :
- P. Loiko, R. Thouroude, R. Soulard, L. Guillemot, G. Brasse, B. Guichardaz, A. Braud, A. Hideur, M. Laroche, H. Gilles, and P. Camy, "In-band pumping of Tm:LiYF4 channel waveguide : a power scaling strategy for ∼2 μm waveguide lasers," Opt. Lett. 44, 3010-3013 (2019)
doi :