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Axis 3 : Transverse effects in solid-state lasers

par LAROCHE Mathieu - publié le

  • Permanent staff : Kamel Aït-Ameur (Pr), Michael Fromager (Dr), Emmanuel Cagniot (Dr)
  • PhD student : Boualem Boubaha (Alger-2013-2016), Sofiane Haddadi (Alger-2015-2018), Oussama Bouzid (Sétif-2015-2018)
  • Collaborations : CORIA (Rouen), Université de Witwatersrand (Afrique du Sud), Université d’Alger
    The Transverse Effect in Solid-State Lasers (ETLS) axis has focused its research activity for some years on the following topics :
    -  Spatial shaping of laser beams by interferometric or diffractive techniques
    Recent results :
    B. Boubaha, D. Naidoo, T. Godin, M. Fromager, A. Forbes, K. Aït-Ameur, Spatial properties of coaxial superposition of two coherent Gaussian beams, Appl. Opt. 52, 5766-5772 (2013).
    A Harfouche, B. Boubaha, M. Fromager, K. Aït-Ameur , Comparison between interferometric and diffractive laser beam shaping”, J. Opt. 16, 125712 (2014).
    A. Hasnaoui, S. Haddadi, M. Fromager, D. Louhibi, A. Harfouche, E. Cagniot, K. Aït-Ameur, Transformation of a LG10 beam into an optical bottle beam, Las. Phys. 25, 085004 (2015).
    S. Haddadi, D. Louhibi, A. Hasnaoui, A. Harfouche, K. Aït-Ameur, Spatial properties of a diffracted high-order radial Laguerre-Gauss LGp0 beam, Las. Phys. 25, 125002 (2015).
    S. Haddadi, A. Hasnaoui , M. Fromager, D. Louhibi, A. Harfouche, E. Cagniot, K. Aït-Ameur, Use of a diaphragm for transforming a LG10 beam into a Flat-Top, Optik-Journal of light and electron optics 127, 2207-2211 (2016).
    A.Bencheikh, M. Fromager, K. Ait-Ameur, Extended focus depth for Gaussian beam using binary phase diffractive optical elements, Appl. Opt. 57, 1899-1903 (2018)
    A. Hasnaoui, M. Fromager, E. Cagniot, K. Aït-Ameur, Structuring a laser beam subject to optical Kerr effect for improving its focusing properties, to be published in Applied Physics B in 2021.
    -  Control of the oscillating transverse mode of a laser
    Recent results :
    D. Naidoo, M. Fromager, K. Aït-Ameur, A. Forbes, Radially polarized cylindrical vector beams from a monolithic microchip laser, Opt. Engineering 54, 111304-1 to 6, November 2015
    T. Bell, A. Hasnaoui, K. Aït-Ameur, S. Ngcobo, Excitation of high-radial-order Laguerre-Gaussian modes in a solid-state laser using lower-loss digitally controlled amplitude mask, J. of Optics 19, 105 604 (2017)
    S. Scoles, H. Spoor, K. Aït-Ameur, Q. Zhan, A. Forbes, General design principle for structured light lasers, Opt. Express 28, 35006 (2020).
    -  Theoretical and experimental demonstration for the generation of a shape-invariant flat-top laser beam keeping its shape from the near- to far-field region. This result has been obtained by a control of the transverse modes of a laser allowing the simultaneous oscillation of LG00 (Gaussian) and LG01 (doughnut) modes and their incoherent coaxially mixing.
    Recent results :
    S. Ngcobo, K. Aït-Ameur, I. Litvin, A. Hasnaoui, A. Forbes, Tuneable Gaussian to flat-top resonator by amplitude beam shaping”, Optics Express 21, 21113-21118 (2013).
    D. Naidoo, A. Harfouche, M. Fromager, K. Aït-Ameur, A. Forbes, Emission of a propagation invariant flat-top beam from a microchip laser, J. of Luminescence 170, 750-754 (2016).
    O. Bouzid, A. Hasnaoui, K. Aït-Ameur, Simple intra-cavity beam shaping for generating a shape-invariant flat-top laser beam”, Optik 201, 163494 (2020).
    -  Study of optical aberrations introduced by a Binary Diffractive Optical Element
    Recent results :
    O. Bouzid, S. Haddadi, M. Fromager, E. Cagniot, K. Ferria, A. Forbes, K. Aït-Ameur, Focusing anomalies with binary diffractive optical elements, Appl. Optics 56, 9735-9741 (2017).
    S. Haddadi, O. Bouzid, M. Fromager, A. Hasnaoui, A. Harfouche, E. Cagniot, A. Forbes, K. Aït-Ameur, Structured Laguerre-Gaussian beams for mitigation of spherical aberration in tightly focused regimes, J. of Optics 20, 045602 (2018).
    -  Modelling of the Kerr lensing effect induced by a LGpl mode through the optical Kerr effect. This topic has allowed the construction of a numerical modelling with a view to optimise the operation of KLM (Kerr Lens Mode Locking) laser oscillating on a vortex mode in femtosecond regime.
    Recent results :
    S. Leghmizi, A. Hasnaoui, B. Boubaha, A. Aissani, K. Aït-Ameur, On the different ways for defining the effective focal length of a Kerr lens effect , Laser Phys. 27, 106201 (2017).
    A. Hasnaoui, M. Fromager, K. Aït-Ameur, About the validity of the parabolic approximation in Kerr lensing effect, Optik (IJLEO) 193, 162986 (2019).
    A. Hasnaoui, K. Aït-Ameur, Kerr lens effect induced by a vortex LG0m laser beam, Optik (IJLEO) 207, 164452 (2020).
    -  Development of instrumental optical methods for imaging ice microcrystals related to aviation safety in the framework of some projects (LABEX EMC3, CISTIC and SIAMA projects 2016-2018). Creation of an experimental simulator of ice micro-crystals based on a SLM (Spatial Light Modulator). Development of a device for characterising these crystals using speckle imagery in focus. The crystal aggregates have been taken into account and the real conditions such as turbulences were also included in the simulations.
    Recent results :
    M Fromager, M Brunel, K Aït-Ameur, Size metrology of a pure phase object based on the laser probe beam reshaping , Opt. and Lasers in Engineering 54, 88-92 (2014).
    M. Brunel, G. Demange, M. Fromager, M. Talbi, H. Zapolsky, R. Patte, K. Ait-Ameur,, J. Jacquot-Kielar, S. Coetmellec, G. Grehan, B. Quevreux, « Instrumentation for ice crystal characterization in laboratory using interferometric out-of-focus imaging », Review of Scientific Instruments 88, 083108 (2017).
    M. Fromager, K.Aït-Ameur, M Brunel, Digital micromirror device as programmable rough particle in interferometric particle imaging, Applied Optics 56 (12), 3594-3598 (2017)
    M Talbi, M Fromager, F Corbin, M Brunel, Interferometric images of irregular rough particles in the presence of time-dependent index inhomogeneities in front of the imaging system, Appl. Opt. 58, 5865-5872 (2019).
    M Brunel, B Delestre, M Talbi, M Fromager, Interferometric imaging for the tomography of rough particles in a flow : A case study, Opt. Commun. 479, 126412 (2021).