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CIRIL coordinator : Jimmy RANGAMA
CIRIL technical coordinator : Frédéric ROPARS

CIRIL is for "Centre for Interdisciplinary Research with Heavy Ions". Until 2008, CIRIL was the name of the laboratory, since a clusterization with other research teams of Caen, a larger laboratory is born under the name CIMAP "Centre of research on Ions, MAterials and Photonics", where CIRIL is one of the teams.

Since 1982, the CIRIL platform and CIMAP laboratory lead the interdisciplinary researches at the GANIL facility. CIRIL platform supports the developments of these experiments. For this purpose, the CIRIL welcomes the external users, develops equipments adapted to the proposed experiments (beam lines, irradiation chambers, on-line measurements…).
How to get beamtime ?

The interdisciplinary researches at GANIL can be defined along different topics whose objective is to study the mechanisms of ion – atom collisions, their consequences on the atomic arrangements, on the physical and chemical properties, no matter what is the atomic arrangement. Also the target consist of atoms, molecules (biologic or not), clusters, surfaces and materials of all types. These researches are mainly focused on the effects of the electronic excitations produced by multi-charged ions whatever it is at high- or low-velocity.

In 2013, CIRIL has celabrated its 30th anniversary, at this occasion a book of proceedings has been written summarizing the main activities performed on the facility since its creation. For further details, see