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Equipe ARIA

ARIA is a team dedicated to radiation-biology research in basic science but also in applied science for improving radiation-therapy protocols considering both tumor and healthy tissue effects. The ARIA team also operates the experimental radiation-biology platform, with the beam lines and irradiation devices operated by CIMAP, allowing an access to the international research communities to perform radiation-biology studies at GANIL.

The benefit of better ballistic and high efficiency of proton and carbon ions for cancer treatment was demonstrated since decades. However, if the better ballistic of protontherapy is already successfully used worldwide, hadrontherapy with carbon ions stays underused and raises some concerns about likely side effects for patients. Our studies in hadronbiology focuse on DNA damage signaling, DNA repair, oxidative stress and cell death induced by ionizing radiation, as the ranges of healthy tissues and radioresistant cancer cells responses are still not fully understood.

The main aims of research projects of the ARIA team are :
-  To understand the radiobiology of resistant cancers and benefit of hadrontherapy
-  To identify new biomarkers of individual sensitivity to radiotherapy

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