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Equipe MADIR

Group Leader : Philippe BODUCH

"MAtériaux, Défauts, IRradiation"

The research of MADIR is mainly devoted to the study of irradiation effects in matter using the different GANIL beam facilities.

This activity can be divided in three main axes of research :

  • Structural modifications : from the surface (2D samples) to the bulk.
  • Irradiation effects in organic materials (astrophyiscal ices and polymers).
  • Applications, development and experimental setup and valorisation/innovation.

This group has also a huge involvement in the CIRIL user’s platform. The task is to support outside users and external scientists to perform interdisciplinary research at GANIL. Besides maintenance of existing infrastructure (equipment, beam lines) this also leads to development of new experimental set-ups in order to improve quality and possibilities in term of experimental approaches.


  • EQUIPEX GENESIS (2012-2019)
  • French-american collaboration project FACCTS with FermiLab
  • French-chinese PICS project : IiN (2014-2016)
  • French-brazilian CAPES-COFECUB (2016-2019)

European networks


Ce projet est cofinancé par l’Union européenne et la Région Normandie.

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IGLIAS ANR (2013-2017)

IGLIAS ANR (2013-2017)
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