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Activités de recherche

Alkanes And PE Radiolysis

Aging, radiolysis and radio-oxidation of polymers is of tremendous importance all along the nuclear fuel cycle. Polymer irradiation is a difficult topic because of the multiscale nature of the (...)

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Ion Beam Transport In Capillaries

We study the transport of ions through dielectric capillaries to support experimentalists from the AMA team, to help to understand and to optimize the ion transmission through conical insulating (...)

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Simulation For TAP

Tomographic Atomic Probe (TAP) is a powerful tool used to analyze the structure of material at the atomic scale. It exploits the huge intensity of the electric field generated at nanometric tips (...)

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Water radiolysis

Water radiolysis is a cornerstone in radiation chemistry. The radiolysis of pure water is quite well understood, though the finest details of the physico-chemical stage regarding molecular (...)

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Relaxation Dynamics Of Solute In Water

The activity of SIMUL has moved progressively toward physico-chemistry with the introduction of a new theme at the frontier of water radiolysis and our work on solutes in inert matrices. A (...)

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