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Equipe PM2E

Propriété des Matériaux pour les Économies d’Énergie

Material properties for energy saving

PM2E team develops characterization techniques (high-resolution transmission microscopy, X-ray diffraction, thermo-mechanical testing) and multi-scale modeling (ab-initio, empirical potentials, finite elements) to obtain quantitative data on material properties. The aim is to attain a deepest understanding of the properties of materials that have applications in energy saving.

Research Topics

I. Semiconducting materials and devices

  • Ia. Optimization of light-emitting devices : LEDs based InGaN (collaboration with national Laboratory of excellence GANEX, academics and industrial partners).
  • Ib. Optimization of the materials quality and device (Al, In, Ga)N/GaN heterostructures for High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMT) (European collaborative and industrial partners).

II. Plant fiber reinforced composite materials

  • The main objective is the understanding of the relationships between the properties-microstructure and manufacturing. Above all, these materials are relatively sensitive to the environment. Moreover, the intrinsic nature and microstructure of plant fibers require multi-scale investigations.

2015-2020 Period Output

17 defended PhDs ; mean duration : 36.3 months
6 doctoral students (on 30/06/2020)
5 out of 7 Researchers with Habilitation (HdR)
71 journal articles and 51 conferences (28 invited talks, 5 plenary or keynote lectures)

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