Alicja Domaracka -Rousseau winner of the bronze medal in 2015 CNRS

Compact and amorphous ice spray

An all-optical gas sensor...All terrain !

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16 October 2015

iPAC Comity

IPAC 2016
The call for beam time allocation at GANIL is now open. It concerns the following beam lines: ARIBE, IRRSUD and SME.
Proposals should be submitted before November 12th,2015. The (...)

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15 April 2015

Coulomb decay.

Demonstration of interatomic Coulomb decay in ion-dimer collisions.

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15 December 2014

SHIM International conference

SHIM: Swift Heavy Ions in Matter.
The international conference "Swift Heavy Ions in SHIM Matter" was created in 1989 by the CIRIL.

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New corporate website.

The corporate website is being "recasting "
The new site is avalable : (...)